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    Love this show! Vasanth is an entertaining and energetic host, and his infectious energy is what makes him so hilarious; he always finds a way to present his material in an engaging, creative, and unique way, and that’s why I’ve been a subscriber for a while now. Always find myself hungry for more history after listening to one of his episodes!

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    Extremely informative and fun to listen to podcast; Vasanth is an expert on every single part of history and has already emerged as a go-to thought leader in the field. His passion for history is evident through the way he presents his unique take on the material, and his love for the material spreads to his viewers. Migration and technology of history were not the most entertaining topics in the world to me, but when Vasanth explains them, I can’t help but want to learn more. Great show!

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    Vasanth Narayanan

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      ScholarlySpark’s new podcast host, Vasanth Narayanan, is an expert in the field of History and has written several research papers and presented at many high-level research conferences. Vasanth’s fervent passion for history and his desire to educate those who lack the means to teach themselves fueled the birth of the ScholarlySpark Podcast, and he hopes to one day to invest himself fully in research initiatives to make an impactful contribution. Vasanth loves to visit the places around the world, where he educates underprivileged students in reading and math, coaches children in basketball, and indulges in flavorful dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala. An unexpected fun fact about Vasanth is that he is an under-the-radar comedian and has released CDs advocating for people to take action to save the environment, but you will have to seek out his CDs on your own or put in a special request.

      Vasanth loves to challenge himself intellectually, so if you have a passion for history and you want to discuss something further he’s said—or if you’re looking for a stimulating debate—feel free to contact him! Just fill out the form on the right.